Sun Damage

About Pigmentation.

Pigmentation presents itself in many forms, ‘hyperpigmentation’ is where there is a loss of colour in areas of the skin. If you’re looking to have a more even complexion, we have to address the factors in how the pigmentation is formed in the first place. The causes can include hormonal changes, skin diseases and conditions, and excessive UV exposure without wearing an appropriate SPF on a daily basis.

A Range Of Solutions.

At House of Skincare we offer a range of treatments to benefit pigmentation, initially you will start with a consultation where a thorough treatment plan will be decided, alongside product recommendations to deliver long term results. With a range of bespoke facial experiences to offer, the treatment plan may include chemical peels, LED light therapy, microdermabrasion, and microneedling or dermaroller.

The Next Step

I provide a self-care service that transforms the inner you whilst treating the outer you.

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