Sensitive Skin

Understanding Skin Conditions.

Rosacea is a common skin condition that is linked to an impaired barrier function of the skin. It is recognised by facial flushing, sensitivity, broken capillaries, papules and persistent redness. It is predominantly affecting fair-skinned individuals but may affect all skin types in ages between 30-60 years old. Commonly women but when affecting men it may be more severe. The cause of Rosacea is uncertain; your genetics, immune system reaction to a natural mite (demodex mite) that lives in our skin and environmental factors all play a part. What we do know is that something irritates the skin, leading to chronic inflammation with intermittent flare-ups.

Types of Rosacea


Trans-epidermal water loss leads to sensitive skin and dehydration.

Free Radical Damage

Pollution and UVR produce free radicals which cause our skin to weaken and become dull.

Bacteria Management

Demodex mites live on human skin, research shows that people with rosacea have 10 times as many Demodex mites on their skin, when the mites die they release bacteria onto the skin.

Unbalanced Skin.

If your skin is unbalanced, e.g. Sensitive or damaged it will not cope with common daily aggressors. Factors such as pollution, hot and cold weather, alcohol, spicy food, strenuous exercise and over exposure to sunlight all can play a part in this. As the skin is compromised it is unable to defend itself, the body then sends blood to the areas as a defence. Blood brings oxygen by red blood cells and immunity by white blood cells to try and correct the effect of these aggressions. It can also bring heat and inflammation, when the flushing occurs regularly over time the redness will then be more permanent. As a result the skin will become more vulnerable and the symptoms of rosacea will get worse.

The Treatment Pathway


Reinforce cellular protection


Strengthen capillary walls/manage bacteria


Rebuild hydrolipidic barrier


Protect against UVA & UVB

The Next Step

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