About House Of Skincare

Hi, I'm Alexis and Welcome to the House of Skincare.

Here the focus is on you, your skin and the bigger picture of what being in your skin means to you as an individual. My goal is always to make you feel like the best version of yourself.

"I am committed to designing the right home-use skincare regime for you, targeting all layers of the skin along with any specific concerns you might have, revealing the results that you’ve always wanted." - Alexis Fraser, Founder

Meet Alexis.

Over the years I have had my own battles with constantly oily skin, blemishes, redness and lacked confidence within my skin. I wouldn’t leave the house without makeup in fear of bumping into anyone. If you knew me back then, you probably wouldn’t have realised that I battled my skin in this way, because it turned out I was a pretty good makeup artist, covering my concerns, hoping one day it would just ‘get better’ by itself and the truth is - it didn’t. It took time and patience, but I eventually found what worked for me. I may still have the acne gene, and blemishes will occur at hormonally driven times, but I am soooo much happier than I was before. And now, with a decade of experience within the skincare industry, I get to help other people feel the same way.

Building Confidence.

“I want it to be known that I help people feel so much more confident within themselves, whatever the concern is. Whether you have a stubborn skin concern or you don’t, I want you to feel that it’s ok regardless and that you’re in safe hands.”

Educating People.

My passion is educating people on how to look after the skin we’re in. If you have a concern, I want to make it disappear. If you want to be pampered, relax and unwind, I can do that too. I want you to have your own personalised experience, a time for you, a truly results driven, skincare delight.

Interested in my qualifications, training and experience and what it means for you as a client?

Initially, I studied for 2 years at College qualifying with NVQ2 & 3 in Beauty Therapy. After I finished college I trained in Level 4 laser, pulsed dye laser & IPL (Intense-Pulsed Light) this enables me to treat you for hair removal, red vein removal, pigmentation removal, tattoo removal and more advanced concerns such as Acne lesions, Rejuvenation for Anti-ageing purposes, Advanced pigmentation & Sensitive skin conditions such as Rosacea.

Before setting up the House of Skincare, I had the pleasure of working in various realms of the aesthetics industry, from advanced skin clinics to becoming a beauty lecturer. These different beauty contexts all came with a slightly different ethos towards skincare. They each taught me different things, shaping my unique approach to working with clients that is the foundation of this business.

For you as a client this experience and training means that I have a whole host of knowledge, skills and tools to work with you, your skin and your needs as an individual, treating you as holistically as possible. I want to take you on a journey, ignite the sparkle and glow back into your skin and give you the results that you desire. I transform the inner you by treating the outer you, by using a range of self-care services designed to restore confidence. 

Want to know more about the products I use and why I have chosen them?

Everything on the shelf in my clinic I have tested, and use, personally. The skincare market is a huge one that you shouldn’t have to figure out for yourself. My job is to guide you through a journey to healthy skin. I introduce you to the world of cosmeceutical standard skincare - aka products of a pharmaceutical nature which are not sold over the counter. This is the realm of advanced professional treatments, ultimately giving you the results that you long for.

I have chosen to work with these cosmeceutical skincare brands within the clinic because they are backed by science, they go through clinical trials and tests before they are put to market to prove that they really work. They aren’t easily accessible to the masses because of their potency, their elite ingredient formulations and can only be recommended by a skin professional like myself, who can talk you through exactly how to use them to maximise their potential, and bespoke a regime specifically for you to give you real results.

Still here and want to know more about me?

Then here are a few Alexis facts for you:

When I was at school, I knew I wanted to work in beauty but was talked into doing “more academic” subjects at school because that was the “sensible” choice for a career. It didn’t take me long however to realise that my instincts had been right and that I should follow my passion.

I taught beauty therapy for a few years back at the college I had originally trained at. I loved the work and my students but found teaching to a “one-size-fits-all” syllabus was a bit restrictive. My approach to skincare is highly individual, because everyone has their own needs.

I bawl my eyes out (with happy tears of joy) when I read client testimonials like this because delivering the best for my clients is so close to my heart;

“...I have been following Alexis for 10 years now, her knowledge with skin is out of this world. She never stops delivering!! She will always go above and beyond to give you the best skin results. This girl doesn’t just deserve 5 stars she deserves the world….”

It was the chaos of 2020 (and my boyfriend going ahead and pulling up the carpet in our spare room to create my clinic - a dream space for my clients to feel safe, calm and relaxed) that finally gave me a push to start this business. A business that I am so grateful for because I absolutely love waking up everyday knowing that I’m able to make a difference to not only clients’ skin, but clients’ confidence too. A big thank you to every one of you, my clients, who have made this possible.

Now That You Know Me A Bit Better

I provide a self-care service that transforms the inner you whilst treating the outer you.

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