Skin Consultations

Your Personal Skincare Specialist.

As your personal advanced skincare specialist it is my job to empower you to feel more confident withing your skin, regardless of your concern. The skincare market can be a confusing mind-field of information and it really is important to use the correct ingredients on your skin to help you achieve your skin goals.

ALLSKIN MED, Alumier MD & Proto-col Clinical supplements are medical grade products and can’t be purchased online without a consultation and professional guidance. The first step to starting your skin journey is to book a consultation.

Virtual or Face to Face Consultation


During this consultation we shall work together to plan the most appropriate treatment for you moving forwards. I have clients that work with me online as well as face to face which are both achieving the results that they desire. Prior to the consultation you shall receive consultation forms to fill in to allow me to prepare.

The Consultation Facial


The Consultation Facial has been designed specifically for new clients only visiting the clinic. It allows Alexis to bespoke a treatment on the same day as your consultation for your skin’s needs. Following a skin analysis on the day, Alexis will be able to perform a skin treatment and design a homecare and treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs moving forward.

New Client Journey

1. Book Your Consultation

2. Following Your Consultation

You will then be advised on suitable homecare products for your skin and will also be recommended to book in for your first clinic treatment which is The Consultation Facial.

3. After Your Consultation

A facial and in depth treatment plan will be devised for you so that you can start your journey to healthy, balanced skin for a lifetime.

“Alexis has been brilliant since our first online consultation! She is incredibly knowledgable and explains all the products fully. She creates a personal home care plan for you and regularly checks in to see how you are getting on. I had my first facial today and it was the most enjoyable experience, I left feeling absolutely glowing.”

The Next Step

I provide a self-care service that transforms the inner you whilst treating the outer you.

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