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Chemical peels are able to help treat concerns such as pigmentation, acne, and aging skin, by increasing cell turnover and bringing newer skin cells to the surface. During a chemical peel we are deeply exfoliating the skin.

Post-treatment peeling is often similar to peeling after a tan. In some cases, exfoliation occurs on a cellular level and is not apparent to the naked eye. The exfoliation you will experience varies depending on skin profile. The chemical peels that I advocate are from ALLSKIN MED & ALUMIER MD which are light- to medium depth, and are formulated to reduce irritation and redness, it’s about following the aftercare advice to receive the most out of your treatment.

The skin is initially tender and more sun-sensitive as the epidermis renews itself. After the peeling takes its course (usually 3-5 days after the treatment), fresh new skin emerges and ingredients in home care products start to work more effectively. You will be given instructions pre and post-treatment care as well as an after care pack to continue use at home. It is very important that you follow these directions to ensure optimal results.

Chemical peels are usually performed on the face, but may also be used on the back, neck, décolleté and hands.

Peel treatments improve skin texture and firmness, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. Peels also even out skin tone, improve acne-prone skin and reduce pore size appearance.

I recommend an initial series of 6 bespoke facial treatments. After one treatment, you will see evidential change to the skin. However, for best results, I recommend a series of 6 combined with home care and then followed by maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks to continue the results.

Absolutely! All professional treatments and home care products that I advocate are specifically designed to complement one another and boost results. Your skin care professional will recommend the optimal combination for you.

No all products are free from parabens, sulphates and synthetic dyes.

Everyone can benefit from LED Phototherapy. It reverses the signs if ageing, clears acne and blemishes and accelerates healing. It helps damaged, injured or diseased skin cells return to optimum health. Dermalux are the world leaders of phototherapy on the market.

LED Phototherapy is clinically proven for the treatment of a wide range of skin conditions and the most common skin concerns including lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, dehydration, open pores, acne and blemishes, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

No. There is no risk of irritation, side effects or down time that may be associated with more invasive procedures. There have been no reported side effects in over 1,700 clinical studies and it does not harm the body in any way.

LED Phototherapy is a heat free treatment that does not contain harmful UV wavelengths and therefore cannot damage skin tissue or create photosensitivity. It is clinically proven to be safe for all skin types, including darker skins and the most sensitive skin conditions.

LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive and pain free treatment that promotes a feeling relaxation and wellbeing whilst rejuvenating the skin. Exposure to the light can increase serotonin levels which in turn help to relive stress, tension and headaches. Any feeling of ‘heat’ is most often due to the stimulation of blood circulation.

Yes. As LED therapy does not create photosensitivity, it is a safe treatment directly pre and post sun exposure. In fact, it is particularly beneficial at this time to strengthen and replenish the skin and repair damage caused by UV exposure. Make sure to reapply Heliocare SPF when exposed. This will be applied after all treatments within the clinic.

The number of treatments can vary with age, skin type and condition. With LED Phototherapy the results are cumulative and improvement will continue even after the treatment has stopped. Treatments taken in quick succession will achieve optimum results and maintenance treatments may also be recommended. An initial course of 10 treatments, twice a week for 5 weeks is recommended. Furthermore, as phototherapy does not harm the skin, there is no limit to the amount of treatment you can have. An individual treatment plan will be discussed during your consultation.

Results can last for several months following a course of LED Phototherapy treatments. However, as with any skin treatment, maintenance sessions are advised to ensure lasting results.

With LED Phototherapy the visible effects are immediate. After just one treatment skin is incredibly hydrated, plump and radiant and any redness and irritation is calmed.

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