The Transform 6 Month Package

For Your Mind, Body and Soul.

Nurturing, refreshing, revitalising and refocusing on your overall goals.

A real self-care package for your mind, body and soul. Discover yourself and radiate confidence as we uncover your skin’s true potential under my guidance. This is a highly limited way to work with me over an extended period of 6-months.

This is for you if…

- you’re ready to commit to working on yourself right now.
- you’re ready to transform your life.
- you want expert guidance and support, so that you can feel more confident within yourself and have healthy skin long term.
- you’re done with quick fixes and want long-term results.
- you have a special occasion to prepare for & want to look and feel your best.

Investment £1,500.00

What You Get


A 1-hour remote consultation to prepare your journey, set goals and visions.

Welcome Pack

A welcome pack including a custom facial headband & A Skin Diary to keep track of your progress throughout the 6-month period & a Silk pillowcase.

Ritual Reviews

4 remote sessions (ritual reviews) working on your continued journey, supporting your skin internally & externally – these can include skin health recipes in the form of an e-book, uplifting facial massage techniques, and much more.

Bonus Sessions

2 bonus remote sessions (for all those things that will come up as we adapt and progress your routine).

Weekday Support

Unlimited weekday support via email (for when you just need to talk, share or ask any questions).

Virtual Facials

3 live guided virtual facials with me.

Makeup Masterclass

1 Bonus makeup masterclass if desired using my recommended ‘skincare makeup’.

Start-up Products Recommendation

Your first initial recommended start-up products are included and will be discussed at your initial consultation.

Supportive Guidance

Supportive video & written guidance of how to use your new products via email.

Complete Skin Health Journey.

I will help you discover your true self, I will find out what’s blocking your results, and overall transform the inner you whilst treating the outer you. We will be analysing your skin’s past so that we can rebuild and shape what it could look like in the future. I will work with you on techniques that you can utilise when your skin responds in a certain way, making sure that you have all you need to turn your regime into a ritual. There will be daily and weekly natural habits to learn which will soon become second nature.

The aim of all of this is to make you have the skin that you desire. To allow your inner confidence to shine through and to make you fully understand the importance of self-care. This is such a unique opportunity to help you transform, evolve and embrace your inner beauty.

The package is adaptive to work with your own skin concerns, emotions, & fears as they present themselves. A truly unique guided journey.

This package is all about delivering a complete skin health journey, a chance for you to really focus on self-care & live a more empowered life.

The Next Step

I provide a self-care service that transforms the inner you whilst treating the outer you.

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