Beauty Treatments

Lash Lift & Tint.

£50 (45 mins)

This innovative method gives the illusion the natural lashes are longer and have more volume using formulations and products made in the UK. The eyes are the focal point of the face, by enhancing your natural lashes it opens the eye and can last up to 6 weeks+.

Henna Brow Treatment.

£30 (45 mins)

Henna brow tinting uses natural dye from the henna tree to provide staining to the skin under the brow for a full effect. It also coats the hairs with colour, rather than changing the natural colour from within. This gentle treatment can provide beautiful, natural looking brows well suited for even the most sensitive of skins, great for sparse brows also. This treatment lasts between 2-4 weeks dependant on how well the aftercare process is followed.

Finishing Touches.

- Lash Lift & Henna Brow - (75 mins) £70
- Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint & Tidy - (45 mins) £40

Add to any facial treatment:
- Milia Removal - (15 mins) £25
- Nostril Wax - £10
- Lip or Chin Wax - £8
- Lip & Chin Wax - £12
- Underarm Wax - £15
- Eyebrow Shape - £12
- Eyebrow Tint - £12
- Eyebrow Shape & Tint - £18
- Eyelash Tint - £18

The Next Step

I provide a self-care service that transforms the inner you whilst treating the outer you.

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